Zoe's 1st Birthday

Zoe recently completed a huge milestone: taking her first trip around the sun!

As a way to celebrate and commemorate the day I thought I'd list out some of Zoe's favorite things from this last year.

Zoe laughing with mom.

Story time.
Zoe and I reading a book before bed.

Taking a stroll with me before dinner
Zoe on her Radio Flyer.

...and going for a bike ride.
Zoe in her bike trailer.

Posing for a camera.
Zoe cheesin' for the camera.

A good hat.
Zoe wearing a baseball cap that is far too big.

Playing keyboard with her feet.
Zoe standing on a keyboard with her cool shoes.

Her stacking cups.
Zoe knocking over her stacking cups in the park.

Her ottoman fort.
Zoe sitting in her ottoman fort.


Zoe climbing on her toy stand.

Waiting by the window to wave at the cars and neighbors passing by.
Zoe watching out the window for a friend to wave to.

Taking our temperature.

Chasing Luigi.

Getting into mischief at the pediatricians.
Zoe looking a touch concerned with just how bad she ripped the table paper at the pediatricians.

Opening the garage door.

Making funny faces for a laugh.
Zoe playing with a cat toy and making a funny face where her mouth is wide open.
Zoe making a funny frown face.
Zoe making a funny kissy face.
Zoe making a funny face with mom.

Playing with toy cars
Zoe crawling to a toy car at grandmas.

...and going for a joyride herself.
Zoe cruising in her Ford truck.

Making new friends.

Wearing breakfast
Zoe with yogurt and chia seeds everywhere.

...and trying on a lunch goatee.
Zoe with a goatee of black beans.

Making an escape.
Zoe trying to climb the baby gate.

Destroying mom's puzzle.
Zoe crawling over mom's puzzel.

The guy I have dubbed 'Mower Man' who mows the HOA owned land behind our house—Zoe will wait for him and wave as he does laps.
Zoe waiting for Mower Man to come by.

Zoe playing in a water fountain.

...and by extension bath time.
Zoe waiting for the bath water to fill the tub.

Mom pushing Zoe on a swing. Zoe has a huge grin.

Taking selfies.
Zoe taking a selfie with me.
Zoe taking a selfie with me.


Zoe popping bubbles.

Going through a good tunnel.
Zoe crawling through her foam tunnel.

Running her hands through sand.

Tasting everything.
Zoe chomping on a leaf.

Beach vacations.
Zoe and I cheesin' on a beach.

Being sweet.
Zoe resting her head on her hands and giving a joyful smile.

Her mom
Zoe admiring her wonderful mom.

...and I desperately hope me.
Zoe and I sharing a moment.